Stamped Concrete: Things You Might Not Know About 

With the popularity of Houzz, Pinterest and some other platforms which offer the online community exterior as well as interior home improvement tricks, tips and design ideas and architecture, stamped concrete has always been the best design trend which has already been on the way to the top for years – and does not seem to be disappearing anytime soon. However, while stamped concrete has created the cut on several dream boards, there’s a lot of details which your local area might not know about this stamped concrete. The following are some of the interesting facts and things about stamped concrete which you may not know: 


  1. Stamped Concrete Has Already Been in the Industry Since Year 1950

While stamped concrete seems to be the new trend with present advances in stamped concrete, it was basically founded way back in 1950s, a stamped concrete service provider who developed both the process for stamping designs and patterns into concrete, as well as the tools used during the procedure. As a matter of fact, the original concrete stamps were typically made of sheet metal, wood and cast aluminum platforms. There were few options to select from in terms of color and design. However, nowadays, most of the stamped concretes are made of polyurethane. The different patterns, textures and colors of a concrete stamp are basically limitless. 

  1. There’s More to Concrete Stamps Than Just the High-End Aesthetics

While a concrete stamp is usually one of the most favorable decorative concrete options because of its low maintenance and not to mention, versatility, there is more to concrete stamps than its high-end looks. You can get the most wonderful looking stamped concrete but your concrete stamp is only as great as the ground underneath it. That being said, it is definitely important to prepare your subgrade because poor subgrade preparation can lead to concrete sinking or cracking in the long run. 

  1. The Textures, Colors and Patterns are Limitless

If you are one of those homeowners who want to have a variety of choices to select from, a concrete stamp is the best option for revamping your flooring system, sidewalk, porch, pool deck, driveway or patio. With today’s advancements and technology in patterns, you may transform the concrete into any pattern you want. Not only will your pattern resemble the true material, but also, the texture of the concrete will feel the same, too. As for the color, your options are unlimited. 

  1. It Last Longer Compared to Standard or Ordinary Concrete

While you might think that a concrete is concrete, a concrete stamp can be more durable and stronger compared to a standard or regular concrete, particularly if there is a color hardener applied on it, and hence, less vulnerable to cracks and crevices when compared to a regular concrete. As an extra bonus, if your concrete stamp loses its luster, you may easily restore it back to its original form by applying a new sealant. You can also contact Seattle concrete stamping service provider to make sure that your project will be done correctly. 


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